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Gurkha/Nepalese Weddings

We love being involved in weddings of all faiths and it is lovely to see the various traditions of different religions,  We have been involved in a number of Gurkha and Nepalese weddings and these have always been a great affair.  Our landaulette cars each with a folding rear roof and high seating position are  absolutely the ideal cars  in which to make that dramatic entrance in front of friends and family.


We have provided wedding transport for many Gurkha  and Asian weddings , where we have often joined the procession and followed traditional bands into venues and when leaving home. The car is usually surrounded by friends of the families and neighbours  wishing the happy couple good luck.   The atmosphere at these events is something we really look forward to.


Over the years we have gained experience and have worked with many wedding planners  to ensure our part of the special day runs  smoothly and of course to time.  We can colour coordinate ribbons to match any theme that is being planned although we have found that red seems to be the popular choice.

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