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Do I need a second wedding car?

Do I need a second wedding car? When planning wedding transport it's important to consider who will be travelling and not to forget anyone (it's very easy to forget that the bride's escort will not be travelling with the bride after the ceremony!!) Where the budget allows to provide additional vehicles we have some of the most beautiful and spacious wedding cars available, each seating up to 5/6 passengers. To see them travelling 'in convoy' is a real head turner, with other car drivers 'tooting' their best wishes and pedestrians waving as we pass by. With everyone's transportation needs catered for it allows the wedding party to arrive in style and without the worry of where to park or arriving late. We have recognised that having two or even three cars on the day is less stressful for everyone and makes the day run smoothly. However, cost can be an issue which is why we offer significant discounts where more than one car is hired.

The journey in the car for the newlyweds is probably the only time during the busy day you will have alone together, so whatever transport you choose enjoy your journey!

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